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How to Hydrate for Running

When running for more than 30 minutes, you'd better hydrate along the way. For every 1% dehydrated you get, your performance can suffer up to 5%.


  • Step 1: Weigh yourself Weigh yourself naked as you're getting dressed to run.
  • TIP: Before you take a step, chug a tall glass of water.
  • Step 2: Fill your bottle Fill up a water bottle with water for runs shorter than an hour. If going longer, fill it with a sports drink.
  • Step 3: Pack your bottle Either hold the bottle in your hand, or carry it in a pack around your waist.
  • Step 4: Hydrate Drink about 20 ounces of fluids ever hour. The hotter it is the more you'll need to drink.
  • TIP: If it's scorching and you know you'll need more than 20 ounces of fluids every hour, carry two water bottles, one filled with a sports drink.
  • Step 5: Weight yourself again When you return home, strip off your clothes, dry yourself completely, and weigh yourself again.
  • Step 6: Assess your hydration If you've lost weight, you need to drink more during your workout. For every pound less, drink 16 more ounces next time you run.
  • FACT: Hyponatremia, or over-hydration, is considered a bigger threat to marathon runners than dehydration.

You Will Need

  • A bathroom scale
  • A water bottle
  • And a sports drink
  • A water bottle pack that cinches around the waist

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