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How to Deal with an Annoying Younger Sibling

Do you sometimes wish you were an only child? Yeah, so does your irritating little brother or sister.


  • Step 1: Find solutions Figure out exactly what your little brother or sister does that annoys you, then come up with a plan. If your sibling always messes with your stuff, ask your parents if you can keep your bedroom door locked when you’re out.
  • TIP: Don’t be mean. Your younger sibling looks up to you, so set a good example (even if you feel like yelling!).
  • Step 2: Ignore him Try ignoring the little pest. Many times, younger siblings do annoying things for attention. If you ignore the bad behavior long enough, he’ll eventually give up.
  • TIP: Ignoring doesn't mean putting your hands over your ears and yelling, "La, la, la—I can't hear you." Remember, negative attention is still attention.
  • Step 3: Make a deal Make a deal. Say something like, 'If you give me some space while my friends are here, we can play your favorite board game after they leave.'
  • TIP: If your sibling is pestering you out of boredom, try suggesting a fun solo project, like asking him to draw you some pictures.
  • Step 4: Give in If all your little bro or sis is really guilty of is wanting to play with you, give in once in a while. It will mean more than you think.
  • Step 5: Involve your parents When all else fails, get help from mom or dad. Don't tattle—just ask for a suggestion on how to get the little twerp out of your hair for a while.
  • FACT: From 1986 to 2006, the number of American families with only one child doubled.

You Will Need

  • Imagination
  • Self-control
  • A little kindness

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