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How to Get Along with Your Parents

Sure, they can be overprotective, overbearing, and overly critical. But it’s time you got over it.


  • Step 1: Grow up Grow up. If you want your parents to stop treating you like a child, make sure you never give them an excuse by acting like one. That means no yelling or whining, no matter how much they aggravate you.
  • Step 2: Keep your parents in the loop Keep your parents in the loop. You don’t have to tell them everything, but the more open you are with them, the less they’ll feel the need to pry.
  • TIP: Remind yourself that your parents want what’s best for you. Can you honestly say that about many other people in your life?
  • Step 3: Show them respect Show them respect. If you wouldn’t roll your eyes, openly mock, or constantly interrupt a friend who was saying something you disagreed with, then don’t do it to your folks.
  • Step 4: Be honest Be honest: Are most of your arguments over stuff you know in your heart they’re right about—like your slacker lifestyle or disastrous romantic choices? Consider that the person you may really be angry with is yourself.
  • TIP: Find something to thank your parents for every day, even if it’s just the meatloaf your mom made because she knows it’s your favorite. Studies show the simple act of saying 'thank you' powerfully impacts how a person treats you.
  • Step 5: Stop taking the bait Stop taking the bait. If your parents bring up an annoying subject, listen politely, then change the subject. You’re not likely to change each other’s minds, but you can navigate these minefields by controlling your reactions.
  • FACT: About a quarter of teen boys say they fight with their parents about video games or their music choices, whereas teen girls tend to argue over cell phone use, according to a 2007 Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll.

You Will Need

  • Maturity
  • Patience
  • Some self-control

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