How to Buy Flowers for Your Girlfriend

Sure, you can go online and send the first flowers you see, but a little thought and planning will go a long way toward impressing her.

You will need

  • A friend or relative of the recipient
  • Some knowledge of flowers

Step 1 Send her favorite If she’s ever mentioned a favorite flower, buy that. You’ll get bonus points for listening to her. If you have no clue, ask a friend or relative of hers what she likes.

Step 2 Be sentimental If you can think of a bloom related to your relationship, like the ones on the table on your first date, send those with a card noting the connection.

Step 3 Get out of the rose rut Resist the urge to send roses, which don’t show much imagination. Surveys show that when women buy flowers for themselves, they usually select more exotic blooms.

Step 4 Ponder the message Think about the message. Forget-me-nots stand for faithful love, gardenias say, ‘I love you in secret,’ hibiscus represent delicate beauty, and sunflowers signal devotion. Color counts, too. Red means love, orange signals desire, pink conveys appreciation, yellow means friendship, and white represents purity.

Step 5 Buy local Take time to visit a local florist rather than calling an 800 number or ordering online. She’s more apt to get fresh, quality flowers, plus you’ll be able to write the card yourself—a gallant touch she’ll love.

Step 6 Send them to her workplace If she works outside the home, have them delivered to her office, where she’ll have more time to enjoy them. Plus, she’ll get to show them off to jealous coworkers.

Step 7 Be random Send flowers for no reason at all. She just might be moved to return the favor with her own romantic gesture.