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How to Be the Life of the Party

You don’t need to swing from a chandelier to be memorable. Be the life of the party without becoming an animal.


  • Step 1: Wear something tried and true Stick with a tried and true outfit. Wearing something too revealing or uncomfortable increases stress hormones.
  • TIP: Vibrant colors like red, magenta or royal blue project confidence and draw people to you, according to color studies.
  • Step 2: Be punctual Show up on time. It may be 'fashionable' to be late, but by then, groups will have formed – leaving you out in the cold.
  • Step 3: Act like the host Act like the host. Offer to take a new arrival’s coat, show them where the buffet is set up, or get them a cocktail. It’s an easy way to break the ice.
  • Step 4: Fake being popular Fake it! Pretending that you’re the most popular person at the party helps make it so by boosting endorphins and lowering stress hormones -- making you the kind of happy, self-assured person others are drawn to.
  • Step 5: Stay on your feet Stay on your feet. One of the biggest mistakes partygoers make is plopping themselves on the couch, making it impossible to mingle.
  • TIP: Find a conversational group you’d like to join, stand near them, and occasionally laugh at a joke or agree with someone’s viewpoint. In no time at all, you’ll be absorbed into the gang.
  • Step 6: Ask questions Ask lots of questions. People love to talk about themselves, and appearing interested in others makes you more attractive.
  • TIP: Stay away from intellectual words. A Stanford University study showed that people who throw around SAT vocab are perceived as less intelligent.
  • Step 7: Compliment others Pay compliments. People love them, and they’ll project their happiness onto you.
  • TIP: Third-party compliments are the most effective. 'Everyone has been talking about how great you look in that dress!' packs more punch than a simple 'Nice outfit.'
  • Step 8: Use people’s names Use people’s names – a lot. You make a connection, and you prove that you’re listening at least part of the time.
  • Step 9: End on a strong note End on a strong note. The last impression is even more powerful than the first. Try bringing up something the person told you earlier – more proof that you actually listen!
  • FACT: Seventy-five percent of people say they’re shy in social situations.

You Will Need

  • An outfit you love
  • Confidence to exude
  • Good conversation skills

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