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How to Be Sexy

Want to know how to turn a guy on? It’s pretty easy, actually….


  • Step 1: Strap on stilettos Wear high heels. When 50,000 men were polled about what fashions added the most sex appeal to a woman, sky-high heels topped the list, followed by slit skirts, stockings, and mini-skirts.
  • TIP: Good news: the next sexiest thing men like is jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Step 2: Cross your legs If you spy a guy you like, cross and uncross your legs; 70% of men find it sexy. Especially if you’re wearing a skirt – half of men think a woman’s thigh is the sexiest part of her leg.
  • Step 3: Dab on lavender perfume Wear lavender perfume. Studies found that the scent of lavender gets a guy going. The aroma of pumpkin pie turns him on, too, so you could also try patting a little pumpkin pie spice behind your ears before a big date.
  • Step 4: Strive for symmetry Research on physical attraction shows that people are attracted to symmetry more than size, so wear clothes that balance your body.
  • TIP: Work those childbearing hips! Men are most attracted to women with a waist to hip ratio of .7 — in other words, an hourglass figure — because it subconsciously signals fertility.
  • Step 5: Wear teddies to bed Wear a teddy to bed. When it comes to naughty nightwear, men rate teddies as tops, followed by stockings and stilettos.
  • Step 6: Wear your hair long Wear your hair long; the overwhelming majority of men prefer long hair to short on women. And be stingy with the hairspray; getting his hand caught in your helmet head is not sexy.
  • TIP: If you’re a natural brunette, stick with it; three out of four men polled said they’d rather wake up with a brunette than a blonde.
  • Step 7: Buy some thongs Consider buying some thongs; men prefer them over bikini panties, two to one.
  • Step 8: Take up aerobics Take up aerobics. Telling a guy you’re into aerobics adds instant sex appeal. It will keep your heart healthy, and being physically fit is always sexy.
  • FACT: Research indicates that men find women sexiest when they’re ovulating, though it’s entirely subconscious.

You Will Need

  • Sky-high heels
  • Lavender or pumpkin pie scent
  • Flattering clothing
  • Thongs
  • Long
  • brown hair
  • An aerobics class

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