How to Kiss Creatively

Spice up your love life by going beyond the kissing basics and learn new, hot ways to lock lips.

You will need

  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon candy
  • Ice chips
  • Mints

Step 1 Start off sweetly Here’s a sweet way to start—sneak a tiny bite of chocolate into your mouth before French-kissing your lover.

Step 2 Give ‘em lip-o-suction Give ‘em some lip-o-suction by gently sucking on their upper or lower lip.

Step 3 Do the lick-flick Move on to the lick-flick. Take the tip of your tongue and flick it along your partner’s lips.

Step 4 Hit the roof Hit the roof of your partner’s mouth with your tongue—it’s a secret erogenous zone.

Step 5 Suck it up Cover your lover’s lips with your own and suck gently. Release and repeat. Now suck their tongue.

Step 6 Heat things up Pop a cinnamon candy in your mouth and use your tongues to trade it back and forth.

Step 7 Cool things off Pop an ice chip in your mouth, roll it around with your tongue, and then explore your partner’s mouth with snake-like darting.

Step 8 Do the Spidey Have your lover lie down on a couch or bed with their head hanging over the edge, then give ‘em a passionate upside-down kiss.

Step 9 The Mint Dare Bury a mint inside your cheek and then dare your lover to get it into his mouth using his tongue.

Step 10 Slow down with an Eskimo kiss Slow things down with a sweet Eskimo kiss—just rub your noses together.

Step 11 End with butterfly kisses End your kissing marathon with butterfly kisses, lightly batting your eyelashes against your partner’s cheek.