How to Shovel Snow

You need the right stuff to tackle the white stuff.

You will need

  • Warm clothes
  • Two shovels: A plastic one and a metal one
  • A can of non-stick spray
  • And the discipline to pace yourself
  • Salt
  • sand
  • or kitty litter

Step 1 Stretch Do five to ten minutes of stretching exercises to warm up your muscles.

Step 2 Dress warmly Dress warmly with multiple layers, a hat and scarf, gloves or mittens, and shoes or boots with nonskid soles.

Step 3 Coat shovels Spray the shovels with cooking spray to keep snow from sticking.

Step 4 Push snow Use the metal shovel to push snow out of the way. The goal is to push, not lift, as much as you can to avoid back strain.

Step 5 Scoop snow Use the lighter, plastic shovel to scoop up small amounts of snow, just an inch or two at a time.

Step 6 Step and dump Take one step forward before dumping the snow.

Step 7 Rest Take breaks every 15 minutes, or sooner if needed.

Step 8 Cover If there are icy or slick patches, scatter salt to help melt them, or cover them with sand or kitty litter to help passersby—or yourself—get traction.

Step 9 Reward yourself Reward yourself with some hot cocoa.