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How to Get Psyched

Don’t let reality dictate your mood. No matter the circumstances, here’s how to get — and stay — totally and completely psyched.


  • : The public can only handle so much psychedness, so be wary of hitting redline levels of awesome.
  • Step 1: Ponder your own awesomeness It’s the most basic reason for being psyched: you! You’re a pretty fantastic specimen of humanity, so inspire yourself by pondering the heights of your own awesomeness.
  • TIP: Use reflective surfaces to visually confirm your awesomeness.
  • Step 2: Listen to your theme song Find that perfect piece of high-energy tuneage — one that bypasses your brain and goes straight to your psyched gland. Always have it on hand so you can administer a sonic adrenaline shot any time you need it.
  • Step 3: Have a dance party for one You’re starting to get psyched, now take it to the next level. Three words: Solo. Dance. Party.
  • TIP: Post-shower moments are especially good for dancing any lingering buzz-kill into submission.
  • Step 4: Create your own catchphrase Reduce your entire philosophy to a single recognizable phrase. Say it early and often, until it becomes a trigger that takes you straight to psyched-ville.
  • Step 5: Break out your trampoline This one’s simple: get on a trampoline and jump. It’s an immutable law of nature — optimum bounciness leads to maximum fired up-ness.
  • : Falling off a trampoline and breaking a limb is an excellent way to become seriously and devastatingly unpsyched.
  • Step 6: Get your smell on Take a few tips from aromatherapy: Fragrances with strong notes of jasmine, cinnamon, or grapefruit are all known for their stimulating properties, leading you to additional levels of psycheditude.
  • Step 7: Watch your clip reel Occasionally you might need to psych yourself up by looking to the awesomeness of others. Edit the 'get-psyched' scenes from your favorite movies into a clip reel. Watch whenever you feel your level of psyched-ness dropping.
  • Step 8: Share the psyched Psyched-ness is contagious. Get your friends stoked, and their pumpitude will return to you a thousand-fold.
  • FACT: According to researchers, the adrenaline scale proceeds as follows: bored, chill, cool, yeah?, all right!, pumped, rock star, and totally psyched!

You Will Need

  • Overall superiority
  • A theme song
  • A trampoline
  • Essential oils
  • A reel of your favorite movie clips
  • A mirror

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