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How to Run on a Track

Running on a track might be a little repetitive, but it’s also easy, even and a simple way to measure your pace.


  • Step 1: Check when the track is open Check to see when the track is open to the public before you start running on it. If it’s a school track, student sports and events always get first priority.
  • Step 2: Set a goal Set a clear goal; that way, you’ll be less likely to quit until you’ve reached it. Maybe you want to sprint the straight-aways and walk the curves?
  • Step 3: Choose a pace Pace yourself. Some people prefer a constant gait, while others alternate laps between sprinting and jogging.
  • TIP: Alternate running clockwise and counterclockwise each time you go to the track. Turning a different direction helps keep your knees balanced.
  • Step 4: Faster runners use inside lanes Run in the outside lanes if you’re slower, and use the inside lanes if you’re faster.
  • Step 5: Keep outside of teams If a team or group of runners is using the track, stay in the outermost lane, or ask their coach which lane you should use.
  • Step 6: Stay hydrated Stay hydrated, even if it’s not sweltering out. Many tracks have water fountains.
  • FACT: At the first Olympic Games in Greece in 776 B.C., the premiere event was the stadion, a footrace of about 190 meters.

You Will Need

  • Comfortable running shoes
  • Athletic clothing
  • A full water bottle
  • A standard 400 meter track

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