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How to Score on Valentine's Day

If you can’t score on Valentine’s Day, especially with these tips, maybe you should consider a cloistered life.


  • Step 1: Arrive bearing gifts Arrive bearing gifts. Flowers, candy, and jewelry are no-brainers, but to practically guarantee success, add something that conveys a thoughtful commitment to the future—like a brochure from the romantic B&B you’re going to take her to next month.
  • TIP: Send flowers to her office; she’ll appreciate them twice as much if she gets to show them off to her coworkers. Choose a bouquet of flowers over a cheesy arrangement.
  • Step 2: Flatter her shamelessly Flatter her shamelessly. She no doubt took pains to look nice, so be sure to notice if she’s wearing a new outfit or has done her hair differently.
  • Step 3: Ask her if she’s lost weight Ask her if she's lost weight. This makes every woman feel warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, a woman is more apt to get naked if she's feeling good about her body.
  • Step 4: Spring for a good restaurant Spring for a good restaurant; surveys show that women rate a restaurant meal as the number one way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and a movie date as the worst.
  • Step 5: Time it early Time the date early, so you’re done with dinner by 9:00. If the night is still young, she’ll be more receptive to stretching it out with a nightcap at her place or yours.
  • Step 6: Say goodnight When things get amorous, pull away and say goodnight. She’ll be more likely to reel you back in if she thinks it’s her idea.
  • FACT: In the Middle Ages, people drew the name of their valentine from a bowl and then wore it on their sleeve for a week—hence the phrase, 'wear your heart on your sleeve!'

You Will Need

  • Gifts
  • Flattery
  • A dinner reservation
  • A bouquet of flowers

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