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How to Get Guys to Buy You Drinks

It's already easy, but we'll help you make it even easier.


  • Step 1: Dress nicely Dress nicely. The more flattering your outfit, the more comfortable you’ll feel and the more drinks that will come your way.
  • TIP: Don’t, however, dress too revealingly. You want a drink, not a pervert!
  • Step 2: Choose the place Choose a lively place with high ratio of men to women. The perfect scenario? A sports bar during a big game.
  • Step 3: Ditch the group Ditch the group. Traveling in a pack reduces the chances of men approaching you. Instead, enlist a fun girlfriend to be your partner in crime.
  • TIP: Talk about something positive or ask him questions about himself—surefire ways to attract drink-buying men.
  • Step 4: Surround yourself w/ men Set up shop in the midst of a group (or groups) of men. Proximity vastly increases your chances of a free drink!
  • Step 5: Buy your first drink Buy your first drink. It’s a small price to pay to appear independent—and therefore more attractive.
  • Step 6: Be courteous Mind your Ps and Qs. Courtesy increases the odds that he’ll keep the drinks coming!
  • : Don’t accept drinks that you didn’t see being prepared by the bartender.
  • Step 7: Buy a guy a drink If all else fails, buy the nearest cute guy a drink! Chances are, he’ll reciprocate. If it’s still not happening, it’s not you: it’s the bar.
  • FACT: Most exclusive bars and clubs let in a disproportionate amount of women to create the perception of a hot spot—which keeps the guys coming in and spending their money.

You Will Need

  • Your most vivacious girlfriend
  • A lively bar or nightclub

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