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How To Make Someone Fall in Love With You

You don't have to be a movie star to be irresistible. All it takes is a little psychology.


  • Step 1: Hold eye contact Make eye contact with the object of your affection and hold it for three seconds. This makes people a tad uncomfortable, which causes the brain to release phenylethylamine, the brain chemical that’s produced when we’re either very afraid -- or falling in love.
  • Step 2: Smile & look away Once you've caught the person's attention, smile and look away. After all, you don't want to look like a lunatic.
  • Step 3: Relax arms and open palms Relax your arms and open your palms to send the message that you're approachable, and square your shoulders and sit up straight to exude confidence.
  • Step 4: Ask lots of questions Ask lots of questions. Research shows that when people are given a chance to talk about themselves, they rate the listener as extremely interesting!
  • Step 5: Position body When your target arrives to chat, position your entire body in his or her direction, starting with your feet, to demonstrate your undivided attention.
  • Step 6: Mirror person's movements Casually begin mirroring the other person's movements and positioning -- people who like each other subconsciously align their movements, and you can create this harmony by doing it on purpose.
  • TIP: Nod and smile in agreement while your target is talking. Not surprisingly, people like people who agree with them.
  • TIP: Lean forward as the person talks, which creates intimacy.
  • Step 7: Do something exhilarating Do something exhilarating on your first date--see a horror movie, go to a rock concert, or ride a roller coaster. The more adrenaline-pumping, the better, because those love-slash-fear chemicals will create an instant bond between you two.
  • FACT: The average person falls in love seven times before marrying.

You Will Need

  • Eye contact
  • Body language know-how
  • Listening skills
  • Exhilarating activity

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