How to Do Upright Rows with a Barbell

Work your traps to develop a broad back—or at least strengthen the muscles that maintain good posture to help you fake one.

You will need

  • Barbell
  • A carpeted or padded floor
  • Additional weight
  • A cambered curl bar

Step 1 Grip barbell & position feet Stand holding a barbell with your hands 4′ to 8′ apart (palms facing your thighs) and your feet shoulder width apart. Start with just the weight of the bar before attempting to add any weight.

Step 2 Lift barbell to chin height Without bending your back, smoothly lift the barbell straight up until it reaches chin height.

Step 3 Slowly lower the barbell Slowly lower the barbell.

Step 4 Repeat Repeat until you can’t maintain proper form—either your back starts to weaken or you can’t raise the bar to chin height. Now that you don’t have a barbell weighing you down, there’s no excuse not to stand up straight.