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How to Avoid Drinking When You're the Designated Driver

Unless you're a teetotaler, being the person who stays sober isn't easy. Here are some tricks that can help.


  • Step 1: Sip a substitute Sip something that looks and even tastes a bit like the real thing, such as seltzer and cranberry juice or a nonalcoholic beer.
  • TIP: Have a nonalcoholic drink in your hand at all times so people won’t send you a drink or harass you to have a cocktail.
  • Step 2: Eat a big meal Eat a big meal beforehand. You’ll be less tempted to throw back the beers you love if you’re full.
  • TIP: Avoid the salty bar snacks. The thirstier you are, the more you’ll have to fight the urge to order alcohol.
  • Step 3: Avoid the bar Avoid temptation by steering clear of the bar area.
  • Step 4: Keep busy Be too busy for booze. Make an effort to meet new people or pass the time on the dance floor, at the pool table, or listening to the band.
  • FACT: Sixty-five percent of Americans believe that being the designated driver at the holiday party is the best way to win points with the boss.

You Will Need

  • Nonalcoholic drinks
  • And a lot of willpower

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