How to Play iPod Videos on TV

You just put an entire season of "24" on your iPod, but now Jack Bauer's face is smaller than a postage stamp! Don't go blind—just dust off that TV set.

You will need

  • A iPod that plays video
  • An iPod A/V cable
  • A TV

Step 1 Get the right cable Make sure you have the right iPod A/V cable. It should have an iPod dock connector, and RCA connectors for your TV.

Step 2 Hook dock connector to iPod Hook up the dock connector to your iPod.

Step 3 Plug adapter into wall Put the USB connector in the power adapter, and plug the adapter into the wall.You can skip this step if you want to use battery power.

Step 4 Set iPod to "TV Out" Set your iPod to ‘TV Out.’

Step 5 Find RCA inputs Find the RCA inputs on the back of your TV.

Step 6 Connect AV connectors to TV Connect the AV connectors to your TV.

Step 7 Set your TV Set your TV to the corresponding input.

Step 8 Play video Play the video on your iPod—it will show up on your TV.Ahhh, no more squinting at that tiny screen—welcome back to the future.