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How to Cut a Girl’s Hair

Learn how to give your daughter a trim and you’ll save big bucks on trips to the hairdresser.


  • : Haircutting scissors are sharp, so handle them carefully. And keep them out of your child’s reach!
  • Step 1: Use good scissors Use professional cutting shears. Regular scissors are not sharp enough, resulting in choppy locks.
  • TIP: If your girl’s hair is thick, choose scissors with long blades.
  • Step 2: Sit her high up Sit her so that her head is near your eye level, like on a counter or stool. Just make sure she’s in no danger of falling. Or lay a sheet on the floor that she can sit on; you can kneel behind her.
  • Step 3: Occupy her Keep her from getting squirmy by putting on a favorite TV show or DVD.
  • Step 4: Dampen hair Put the towel around her neck; then, lightly spray her hair with water to dampen it, and comb it through.
  • Step 5: Do bangs first If your child has bangs, start there. Comb her hair away from her bangs, put it in a ponytail or secure it with clips, and have her close her eyes. Taking very small sections of the bangs at a time, cut them so they end at the top of her eyebrows. For accuracy, keep the shears close to the forehead as you cut.
  • Step 6: Comb and cut Run a comb down a section of the hair. When you reach the desired length, anchor the hair between your index and middle fingers and snip the ends sticking out of your fingers. Repeat until the ends are uniform.
  • TIP: When cutting a new section of hair, always take part of the just-cut section so you can use it as a length guide.
  • Step 7: Cut vertically For a more natural look, hold the hair in your fingers vertically, and cut with the scissors held vertically, the tip pointing up.
  • Step 8: Comb Comb the hair once more, check for evenness, and snip any strays. Show her how good she looks, and be sure to thank her for being such a good 'client!'
  • FACT: Shirley Temple, famous for her curly locks, received a special Academy Award in 1935, when she was just seven years old!

You Will Need

  • Haircutting scissors
  • An eye-level seat
  • A video distraction
  • A towel
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • A spray bottle
  • Hair clips or ties
  • A sheet

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