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How To Throw a Frisbee

Throwing a Frisbee can make for lazy day fun—or fast and furious sport—for just about anyone!


  • Step 1: Stand in open area Stand in an open area, with your friend standing about 30 yards away.
  • Step 2: Angle yourself Face sideways, with your throwing-arm shoulder pointing toward your intended target. Your chest will be facing 90 degrees from the direction you want to throw.
  • Step 3: Hold the Frisbee Hold the Frisbee by its lip in your throwing hand, face-up.
  • Step 4: Use proper form Keeping your arm straight, curl your wrist toward your body and gently bend your arm at the elbow just a bit.
  • Step 5: Flick your wrist Extend your arm and wrist in one quick "flicking" motion.
  • TIP: The flick is more important than the power behind it. Don't whip it too hard or your throw will go wild.
  • Step 6: Release the Frisbee Release the Frisbee when your arm and wrist are completely extended and pointed right at your target.
  • TIP: Release the Frisbee parallel to the ground around hip-height—imagine it's a plate of food that you don't want to spill
  • Step 7: Toss it around Find a bunch of hippy friends, go into a field, and toss around until dusk.
  • FACT: One theory on the Frisbee's origin is that New England college students discovered that their Frisbie Baking Company pie tins were fun to hurl around.

You Will Need

  • A Frisbeeu00aa
  • Open space
  • such as a large yard or park
  • At least one other friend

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