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How to Edge Your Lawn

Make your lawn look like you have a professional landscaper, just by tidying up the edges.


  • : Clear away any debris before using a power edger, and always wear ear and eye protection, plus sturdy closed-toe shoes.
  • Step 1: Start with a pavement edge Begin edging along any stretches of pavement, like a sidewalk or driveway. Whether you have a manual or power edger, simply slice a clean straight line through the grass along the edge of the pavement.
  • TIP: A power edger will be much faster if your lawn is large.
  • Step 2: Remove the cuttings Remove the cuttings so that there is a clean divide between the lawn and the pavement. Add the cuttings to your compost pile, if you have one.
  • Step 3: Lay out a line Now prepare to edge along any other borders, like mulching, a flowerbed, or garden. Lay out a guideline two inches from the edge of your lawn using stakes, string, a garden hose, or planks of wood.
  • TIP: A garden hose works well for edging around curves—just don’t cut the hose!
  • Step 4: Cut along the edge of the line Cut along the edge of your line with your edger, digging away from the lawn. Go about five inches deep. If you are using a power edger, push the blade along the straight edge.
  • Step 5: Remove cut edging Remove these cuttings and add them to any compost you might be collecting.
  • Step 6: Fill with sand Add a layer of sand to the bottom and sides of the trench you just made.
  • Step 7: Top with dirt Fill the rest of the trench with soil.
  • Step 8: Create a border Finish by placing bricks, stones, or landscape timber along your edge. Not only does your new border look nice, it can actually help keep your landscaping from invading your grass and vice versa.
  • FACT: Americans spend about $30 billion annually on their lawns.

You Will Need

  • A lawn edger (power or manual)
  • Stakes
  • string
  • a garden hose
  • or a plank of wood
  • A ruler
  • Sand
  • Bricks
  • stones
  • or landscape timber
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Sturdy closed-toe shoes

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