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How to Lie and Get Away with It

Hey, everyone does it now and again—and you will too. So you might as well do it right.


  • Step 1: Prep your story Get your story straight! Figure out exactly what you're going to say. Prepare answers for any potential questions. Writing down your lie will help you remember it once the time comes to actually do the deed.
  • Step 2: Envision the lie Envision your lie actually happening. That way, you won't be making things up as you go along; you'll be remembering the event as if it actually occurred.
  • Step 3: Keep eye contact Maintain eye contact. Liars unconsciously avoid it, which makes people suspect something is wrong.
  • TIP: Don't smile too much! Liars tend to smile inappropriately.
  • Step 4: Relax Relax. Fidgeting and sweating is a dead giveaway.
  • Step 5: Control your hands Be aware of your hands. Most importantly, keep them away from your face. Research shows liars touch their nose or mouth unconsciously as they fib.
  • Step 6: Act indifferent Don't get defensive. Keep a steady tone of voice and don't protest too much. Act like you don't care if the person believes you or not. Now fly away free and clear, like the liar bird you are.
  • FACT: A University of Massachusetts study found women lie to make others feel better, while men lie to make themselves look better.

You Will Need

  • The need or will to lie
  • Someone to lie to
  • A cool demeanor
  • Pen and paper

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