How To Play the "Heart and Soul" Melody on the Piano

Any dope can play "Heart and Soul." Now you can be one of them.

You will need

  • A piano
  • And time to practice

Step 1 Start at F Use your pointer finger to hit the 2nd F key up from the middle C briskly three times, then hit it once more before moving down to play keys E, then D, then F three times, briskly. Then F once more, before bouncing down and playing keys E then D.

Step 2 Go back to G From D (only play D once), go all the way back up to G–playing each key along the way.

Step 3 Go to A From G, go up one key to A, hitting the A three times.

Step 4 Descend two notes Descend two notes; after hitting the A for the fourth time, play G, then F.

Step 5 Ascend to C As soon as you hit that starter key F again, ascend all the way to C. You should play the following keys on the way back up: G, A, B-flat, C.

Step 6 Play F again After C, reach down and play F, the starter key, again. Then jump (play no keys!) up past the C key to play D; from there descend to the starter key of F again, playing each key on the way. Don’t forget that B flat!

Step 7 Practice Practice until you feel confident. Then grab a partner to play the bass part while you manage the melody. Voila! A duet.