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How to Get a Last-Minute Date for the Prom

Sometimes, the best prom dates are the ones you score at the last second.


  • Step 1: Investigate the pretty people’s plans Investigate the prom plans of your school’s beautiful people. They are sometimes the last people to be asked because everyone assumes they already have a date.
  • Step 2: Keep up with the gossip Keep up with the gossip so you’ll hear of any pre-prom breakups and be able to swoop in before anyone else does.
  • Step 3: Set your sights younger Set your sights younger. Sophomores and juniors are often so thrilled to be asked to a senior prom that they’re not picky about who they go with. No offense.
  • Step 4: Hang out someplace new Hang out someplace new so you’ll meet people outside your usual social circle.
  • TIP: Attend your school’s sports events so you can meet students from rival schools.
  • Step 5: Involve your siblings Get a sibling to help. They may know someone who’d love to go with you—or at the very least will do it as a favor.
  • Step 6: Enlist your BFF Have your BFF lean on their prom date to cough someone up for you.
  • Step 7: Do volunteer work Consider taking a volunteer job. You’ll meet new people and you’ll have karma going for you.
  • FACT: Sixty-seven percent of teens rent a limo for their prom.

You Will Need

  • An open mind
  • Pride to swallow

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