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How to Reuse Pantyhose and Stockings

Don’t throw away those ripped or saggy nylons! There are tons of useful things you can do with them.


  • Step 1: Use in the garden Use strips to tie climbing plants like tomatoes to poles. Line the bottom of a garden pot to prevent soil from escaping when excess water drains out.
  • Step 2: Stash a pair in your car Keep a pair in your car. They can temporarily replace a broken fan belt in a pinch.
  • Step 3: Strain old paint Strain old paint through them to filter out lumps.
  • Step 4: Keep onions fresh Slip onions into a leg, tie off after each onion, hang in a cool place, and then snip off onions as needed. The hose allows air to get through, keeping the onions fresh.
  • Step 5: Hang clothes on them Wrap them around wire hangers as a cushion to prevent pointy shoulders.
  • Step 6: Buff shoes Keep them with your shoe-polishing kit; they’re great for buffing.
  • Step 7: Clean your pool If you have a pool, stretch some over your skimmer to trap really tiny particles. Or create a makeshift skimmer by pulling some old hose over a wire hanger that’s been stretched into a frame.
  • Step 8: Cover wrapping paper Protect half-used rolls of wrapping paper and seasonal candles from dust by storing them in legs.
  • Step 9: Scrub the tub Use them to scrub your bathtub and sinks; they won’t scratch the surfaces.
  • TIP: Fill the foot portion with old slivers of soap until you have enough to make a scrubbing pad.
  • Step 10: Make a lens filter Experiment by covering your camera lens with a piece of nylon to take softer-looking portraits; the filter effect will make skin imperfections disappear.
  • Step 11: Use them in luggage Packing a suitcase? Roll your clothes neatly to prevent them from wrinkling; then stuff the rolls in pantyhose legs to keep them from unraveling.
  • FACT: When pantyhose became available again in 1945, once nylon was no longer needed for the war effort, stores were so mobbed by shoppers it led to riots!

You Will Need

  • Old pantyhose and tights
  • Imagination

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