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How to Wear a Kippah (Yarmulke)

In Judaism, men customarily cover their heads with a skullcap as a sign of humility before God, though it is not mandated by law. In Hebrew, it is called a kippah; in Yiddish, a yarmulke. In Europe, the custom dates to the end of the 16th century.


  • Step 1: Fasten kippah to head Fasten the kippah to your head with bobby pins or hair clips. Larger ones can sit on the head without fasteners, though they may fall off during intense activity. These are best for bald men.
  • TIP: When visiting a synagogue or attending a Jewish wedding or other ceremony, non-Jewish men may be given yarmulkes to wear for the service.
  • Step 2: For Orthodox men ... Orthodox men generally wear the skullcap at all times.
  • Step 3: For Conservative men ... Conservative men generally wear the kippah during prayer and at synagogue.
  • Step 4: For Reform men ... For Reform men, the kippah is generally optional.
  • Step 5: Remove when bathing or swimming When bathing or swimming, remove the kippah.
  • Step 6: Jewish women Some Jewish women, mainly Reform, also wear the kippah.
  • FACT: Some scholars believe the word yarmulke derives from the Aramaic for 'one who fears God.'

You Will Need

  • A kippah
  • also known as a yarmulke
  • A male head
  • Bobby pins or hair clips
  • A female head

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