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How to Find a Summer Job

Money doesn't make itself. Find a summer job and you'll get cash in your wallet and won't have to complain of boredom.


  • Step 1: Review classified ads Review classified ads in newspapers and on the Internet.
  • TIP: If you're looking for a job in retail or in a restaurant, head out one afternoon with a stack of resumes and hit up every place you'd like to work.
  • Step 2: Talk to everyone Tell everyone you know that you're looking for a job. You never know who might be either seeking an employee or aware of an available position.
  • TIP: If money isn't a major issue, you could look for an internship or another way to "try out" future career possibilities.
  • Step 3: Behave on interviews When you get an interview, show up on-time, dress appropriately, and act confident and enthusiastic.
  • Step 4: Be persistent Be persistent. Getting a job takes time and luck, but your hard work will pay off in the end.
  • FACT: Teenage employment hit an all-time high in the summer of 1978, when 69% of 16-19 year olds were in the workforce.

You Will Need

  • A resume
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Professionalism
  • And persistence
  • Family and friends for leads and references

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