How to Make a Corner Kick

Put your team in a position to score by mastering the art of the corner kick.

You will need

  • A soccer game
  • A corner kick opportunity
  • A soccer ball

Step 1 Place ball Place the ball within the corner arc on the side of the field where the ball left the field of play.

Step 2 Have teammates spread out Have your teammates spread themselves out in the general area where the ball will land—typically in front of the opponent’s goal.

Step 3 Wait for whistle or signal Wait until the referee blows the whistle or signals that you may proceed with your kick.

Step 4 Kick the ball Kick the ball, trying to drop it directly in front of the goal, where your teammates have the best chance of putting it in the net.

Step 5 Be aware Be aware of what happens to the ball after your kick—you may not touch the ball again until other players have contacted it.

Step 6 Join your team Join your team on the field to assist in a goal-scoring opportunity.