How to Play Pig and Improve Your Basketball Skills

Playing PIG is a good option for when you’re not in the mood to sweat but still want to prove that you’re king of the court.

You will need

  • Two or more players
  • A basketball
  • A basketball hoop

Step 1 Pick who goes first Decide who goes first, or if you have more than two people, decide on the complete order.

Step 2 First player shoots Have the first player take whatever shot he chooses.

Step 3 Other players attempt shot If the first player makes the shot, then each other player has to attempt the shot from the same place and in the same style. If someone misses, they get the first letter – P.

Step 4 Second player attempts shot If either the first player initially misses, or every other player makes his shot, then it’s the second player’s turn to attempt a shot for everyone else to mimic.

Step 5 Add letters when player misses Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each shooter, then go back to the first person. Each time someone misses an attempt to copy a shot, they get the next letter in the word PIG.

Step 6 If player spells P-I-G, he's eliminated When a player has misses three times and spells out P-I-G, he is eliminated and the game continues.

Step 7 The last player is the winner The last player with an incomplete word is the winner, and by extension, king of the court.