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How to Extend the Life of Your iPhone Battery

Low battery – two words you never want to hear. Banish them with these tips.


  • Step 1: Lock iPhone Lock your iPhone down when you're not using it. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top edge of the phone to enter lock mode.
  • TIP: In General Settings, you can adjust your iPhone to automatically lock after one or two minutes of inactivity.
  • Step 2: Update software Keep your iPhone up-to-date. Software upgrades keep your battery performing at the highest level.
  • Step 3: Turn off Wi-Fi and 3G Turn off Wi-Fi and the 3G cellular networks unless you need to browse the internet. You can switch off Wi-Fi in Settings and 3G options are under the Network tab in Settings. When it's time to browse, choose one or the other – you don't need both.
  • Step 4: Limit maps and video games Limit interactive maps and GPS tracking. Turn off location services in General Settings and use mapping applications only when needed. Also limit 3-D video-game playing, which rapidly consumes battery power.
  • TIP: In the games' Options menus, turn off the vibrating feature.
  • Step 5: Use Airplane Mode Use Airplane Mode – found in General Settings – when you're in an area with minimal cellular coverage. This turns off the automatic search for a connection, but allows you to use all nonwireless features.
  • Step 6: Manually check your mail Manually check your mail. Automatic message retrieval eats battery power. In Settings, access Fetch New Data and choose "Manually." Also turn off any unnecessary additional mail accounts.
  • Step 7: Dim screen Dim the brightness of your iPhone screen. In Settings under Brightness, manually drag the slider to the left to dim the screen as much as your eyes desire.
  • TIP: Heat is your battery's biggest enemy. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight and never leave it in a car on a hot day.
  • Step 8: Run it down Run your iPhone through a full charge cycle at least once a month to sync the battery's fuel gauge with its state-of-charge – essentially "reminding" the battery of its full capacity. To do this, charge the battery to 100 percent. Then, use the phone until the battery's completely drained.
  • TIP: In the Settings icon under Usage you can view battery stats, including the amount of time your iPhone has been running since its last charge.
  • Step 9: Buy a battery extender If you're willing to shell out the extra dough, buy an external battery extender. Most slide onto the back of your iPhone and run around $100.
  • FACT: The lithium-ion battery inside an iPhone will last around 400 full charge cycles before it begins to diminish in capacity.

You Will Need

  • An iPhone
  • A computer with internet access
  • An external battery extender

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