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How to Use a Coffee Filter for More than Making Coffee

Discover the versatility of coffee filters by learning all the things they can do besides straining your java.


  • Step 1: Prevent splatters Prevent microwave splatters by covering foods with a filter before nuking them.
  • Step 2: Get streak-free mirrors Use them with window cleaner to wash windows and mirrors; they’re lint-free.
  • Step 3: Protect your china Protect your good china by slipping a filter between each plate.
  • Step 4: Recycle cooking oil Recycle cooking oil by straining it through a filter-lined sieve.
  • TIP: To remove one coffee filter from a stack, hold one end of a one-inch piece of tape with your fingers and swipe the top filter with the sticky side of the other end. Gently tug and just one filter will separate from the bunch.
  • Step 5: Prevent food spills Use them to prevent food spills: Wrap them around tacos, or poke them through Popsicle sticks or corn-dog sticks.
  • Step 6: Soak up grease Drain bacon, French fries, and other greasy foods on filters; they’ll soak up the oil.
  • Step 7: Keep dust out Fashion a makeshift dust mask by tying one around your mouth and nose with string or rubber bands.
  • Step 8: Layer cookies Put one at the bottom of a cookie tin, and then lay them between layers of baked goods.
  • FACT: The first drip coffee pot was invented in the late 18th century by English physicist Benjamin Thompson.

You Will Need

  • Coffee filters
  • Window cleaner
  • String or rubber bands
  • A little imagination
  • Transparent adhesive tape

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