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How to Get a Date for the Prom

Don’t wait until all the good people are taken! The time to start looking for a prom date is long before the big day.


  • Step 1: Spread the word Let loved ones know you’re in the market for a prom date. You never know who might have a cute cousin or hot step-sibling stashed away somewhere.
  • Step 2: Take inventory Break out your yearbook and take inventory of all the eligible people you already know.
  • TIP: Don’t assume anyone is out of your league; sometimes the hottest contenders don’t get asked out because everyone is afraid of being shot down.
  • Step 3: Put yourself out there Attend any and every event you can in the weeks and months leading up to the prom – you never know whom you might meet.
  • Step 4: Ask a celebrity Ask a celebrity—you never know, they just might say yes. Rapper Ludacris and country music singer Chely Wright both attended proms with fans who simply wrote to them and asked!
  • TIP: It helps if you have a sob story, like your house was buried by an avalanche and going to see the celeb’s movie was the first thing that made you smile in weeks.
  • Step 5: Consider other grades Consider asking someone in a lower grade who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. Many are eager to brag to their friends that they’re going to the prom with someone older.
  • Step 6: Go with a friend Go with a friend—or a group of friends—in the same position. You’ll probably end up having more fun than all those uptight couples anyway.
  • FACT: According to a recent Seventeen magazine survey, girls spend an average of $833 on their prom dress, shoes, and accessories.

You Will Need

  • Assertiveness
  • An open mind
  • A thick skin

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