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How to Replace Your iPod Battery

You can pay Apple to replace your iPod battery, or you can save big bucks by doing it yourself.


  • Step 1: Buy new battery Go online and buy a new battery from a site like Make sure you get the correct battery for your iPod. Start with your iPod off and the 'Hold' switch engaged.
  • Step 2: Pry open Pry open the iPod. Wedge a flat piece of durable plastic between the two sides—a guitar pick works well—and gently work it along the sides until you can feel the tabs holding the case together. Unclip them by poking them inward.
  • : If your iPod is less than a year old (or two, if you bought the extended protection plan), opening it will void its warranty.
  • Step 3: Separate Separate the two sides, taking care not to sever the thin ribbon cable joining the two parts.
  • Step 4: Remove hard drive Carefully remove the hard drive—it is the part sitting on a piece of blue rubber—by lifting the socket of the cable that connects the hard drive to the board.
  • Step 5: Remove battery Remove the battery using your wedge, taking care not to touch the circuit board underneath.
  • TIP: Pay attention to how the battery is connected so you can reattach the new one the same way.
  • Step 6: Disconnect power cord Disconnect the battery’s power cord from the circuit board. The wires may be wrapped around or under the circuit board; if so, gently pull them free with your pick.
  • Step 7: Wrap power cord Attach the new battery’s power cord and wrap it around the edge of the circuit board in the same way as the old cord.
  • Step 8: Attach new battery Insert the new battery, then reattach the hard drive connector and the hard drive.
  • Step 9: Snap back Snap or screw the two sides of the iPod back together. Recharge your new battery for at least three hours—then enjoy your tunes once again.
  • FACT: Twenty percent of college students polled said they’d trade their presidential vote for an iPod touch.

You Will Need

  • A stiff piece of plastic
  • like a guitar pick
  • A new iPod battery

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