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How to Grow Your Own Pineapple at Home

Growing a pineapple doesn’t take a lot of skill, but it does take a lot of patience—two to three years worth, to be exact.


  • Step 1: Buy a pineapple Buy a healthy pineapple—one with a green top that has no bruising or soft spots.
  • Step 2: Cut the crown Cut off the top where the stem is, known as the crown. Do not leave any of the fruity part of the pineapple on the stem.
  • Step 3: Take off leaves Pull off the outer leaves of the stem, leaving about six big leaves near the center of the pineapple plus the small leaves that are in the middle. Put the crown aside for a few days to dry out.
  • Step 4: Place in water Put the top in a small bowl filled with about a half inch of water. The bottom of the crown should be submerged, but the water should not touch the leaves.
  • Step 5: Put in the sun Place the bowl in a sunny spot—but not in direct sunlight—for two weeks. Change the water every few days.
  • Step 6: Plant it After two or three weeks, the crown should be sprouting roots, meaning it’s ready to be planted. Fill a container that drains with potting soil, and plant the crown.
  • Step 7: Keep watered Water your plant from the top, including the leaves, and set it in a sunny window. Keep the soil moist, but take care not to overwater.
  • TIP: Pluck old leaves as they die in order to provide light and air for the new leaves that are sprouting.
  • Step 8: Give it sunlight Keep your budding pineapple in full sun for a minimum of six hours each day, and keep the room temperature at 60 to 75 degrees.
  • Step 9: Replant After about a year, replant the pineapple in a bigger pot. Be patient. It takes two to three years for a pineapple to mature.
  • Step 10: Enjoy Pick the pineapple when the eyes are even from top to bottom, and the fruit has a rich pineapple scent. It won’t ripen any more once it’s been picked.
  • FACT: A pineapple actually is not a single fruit, but a collection of hundreds of tiny fruits.

You Will Need

  • A pineapple
  • A small bowl of water
  • Planting pots
  • And potting soil

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