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How to Order in a Mexican Restaurant without Blowing Your Diet

Say "Hola" to Mexican food without having to say "Adios" to your figure.


  • Step 1: Skip the chips Ask your server to bring you soft tortillas to dip into your salsa, rather than chips.
  • TIP: At fast-food places, request extra salsa instead of the customary cheese topping.
  • Step 2: Enjoy ceviche Enjoy ceviche, a citrus-marinated seafood appetizer. Fresh fish and lime juice, which are the main ingredients, are healthy and low in calories.
  • Step 3: Fill up on soup Order black-bean soup or gazpacho before your main meal. Vegetable-based soup is often a safe starter, as long as it isn't loaded with cream.
  • Step 4: Have the fajitas Have the fajitas – shrimp, chicken or veggie are the best choices. Avoid the high-calorie toppings, like sour cream and cheese, in favor of extra salsa.
  • TIP: If your entree comes with beans, ask your server to bring you plain beans instead of refried ones, which are traditionally made with lard.
  • Step 5: Go soft Order soft taco shells, which are cooked on a griddle, rather than hard ones, which are fried.
  • Step 6: Avoid the heavy hitters Avoid chimichangas, chalupas, and chile rellenos, which are deep-fried.
  • Step 7: Hot sauce Apply hot sauce liberally. Besides being virtually calorie-free, some research indicates that it may temporarily speed up your metabolism.
  • FACT: Refried beans are actually only fried once.

You Will Need

  • Knowledge of Mexican menu items
  • Restraint

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