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How to Teach Your Dog to High-Five

Make your pooch the hippest dog on the block by teaching him how to greet you with a high-five.


  • Step 1: Pick quiet area Choose a quiet area where you and your dog can work without distractions.
  • Step 2: Let dog smell treat Place one of the treats in your palm, make a fist, and put your hand under your dog’s nose. Hold it four or five inches away from their face. Your dog may smell the treat and paw at your hand.
  • TIP: Don't stand too far away from your dog. They may lose their balance when they touch your hand.
  • Step 3: Reward dog Reward your dog with a treat each time your dog paws at your hand. Repeat until your dog consistently touches your hand.
  • TIP: Move your hand slightly to the side. Your dog will have lean to follow the treat, which will encourage them to touch your hand.
  • Step 4: Open hand for high-five Open your fist and hold your flat palm in the air vertically. Acknowledge each successful touch with a treat.
  • Step 5: Mark behavior with a verbal cue Add a verbal cue, like saying 'High-Five!' each time your dog touches your palm. Now you can celebrate with your dog, and he won’t leave you hanging.
  • FACT: Toto and her trainer, Carl Spitz, were paid $125 per week for their work on The Wizard of Oz.

You Will Need

  • A quiet area
  • A dog
  • Dog treats

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