How to Attend a Wedding Alone

Not having a date for a wedding can be a good thing, if you know how to work it.

You will need

  • A hotel room
  • A killer suit or dress
  • Conversation openers
  • Dance lessons

Step 1 Get a room Reserve a room where the bride and groom suggest you stay, likely the nearest place to the reception. You can get rides with other guests, or perhaps catch a shuttle to the festivities. This way, you can drink with abandon and freshen up at will.

Step 2 Buy a killer outfit Spring for a killer outfit.

Step 3 Take dance lessons If you’re nervous on the dance floor, invest in a few lessons so you’ll feel confident getting jiggy with other solo guests.

Step 4 Work the cocktail hour Scope out potential dance partners at the cocktail hour, in case you get stuck at a loser table.

Step 5 Make the first move Make the first move—whether it’s asking someone to dance or simply chatting them up.

Step 6 Talk to everyone Talk to as many new people as you can; you never know who might know someone who is perfect for you.

Step 7 Have a nightcap Have a nightcap at the hotel bar with all your new friends. It’s where everyone who doesn’t have to run home to a babysitter goes when the reception ends.