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How to Stop an Angora Sweater From Shedding

Angora sweaters can look oh so stylish—or they can make you look like a crazy cat lady. Here’s how to stop them from shedding.


  • Step 1: Put it in a bag Carefully fold the angora sweater and place it in a sturdy plastic freezer bag.
  • Step 2: Place in freezer Put the bag inside your freezer. Just don’t confuse it with the frozen peas when you’re making dinner.
  • Step 3: Wait Keep the bag in the freezer for at least three hours -- the longer, the better.
  • TIP: When you buy angora, spring for the expensive stuff. Cheap angora tends to be woven with looser fibers, leading to shedding.
  • Step 4: Wear it Take the sweater out of the freezer when you’re ready to put it on. It will warm up in a few minutes and will keep from shedding for the time you’re wearing it.
  • Step 5: Put it back When you’re ready to take it off, put the sweater back in the freezer.
  • FACT: Johnny Depp said he loved the feel of wearing angora sweaters when he starred as a cross-dresser in Ed Wood.

You Will Need

  • An angora sweater
  • A ziplock freezer bag
  • A freezer

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