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How to Watch Digital Video Files on an Xbox 360

Got video files on your computer? Watch them on your big-screen TV – using your Xbox!


  • Step 1: Physical transfer If you plan to watch just the occasional short video, or if you have a Mac, make a simple physical transfer from your computer. Copy media files to a USB drive or memory card and insert it into the appropriate slot on your Xbox. Browse and select the files in the video library under "My Xbox."
  • Step 2: Get TVersity For longer videos on a PC, download and install TVersity to your computer at "": TVersity is a free software program capable of playing almost every video format from your computer over any network connected to your Xbox.
  • Step 3: Check server Once you have TVersity running on your computer, go to the main menu and click "Start Sharing" to ensure the server is up and operating.
  • Step 4: Add video files Begin adding video files into TVersity by clicking the plus sign on the main page. Once you find the video you want click the "Add File" button and hit "Submit."
  • TIP: Give each newly added video a title – otherwise it will show up later under a confusing file name.
  • Step 5: Resolve coding problems If you are having trouble playing a video, it's most likely a coding issue. A useful media decoder is a free download called ffdshow, which comes with your TVersity download.
  • TIP: Under Advanced options, set your transcoding preferences to "When Needed," to ensure files are properly decoded from your computer to your Xbox when possible.
  • Step 6: Access TVersity on your Xbox Turn on your Xbox. On the dashboard, scroll to the "Video" section and open the "Select Source" tab. Then click on the option that says "TVersity."
  • Step 7: Adjust visual options Click Settings and make any necessary adjustments for the best visual quality. Review the resolution settings, set the transcoder to optimize for quality, and make sure the compression rate is set to minimum.
  • Step 8: Watch videos Back at the start page click the TVersity icon that appears on your television screen. Select "My Videos" under the general videos section, and all the video files you have stored on your computer will be right at your fingertips, ready for playing.
  • FACT: During the 2007 TV writers' strike, U.S. internet users watched more than 10 billion videos online in December, up until then the highest monthly number ever reported.

You Will Need

  • A computer with wireless internet connection
  • An Xbox 360
  • A USB drive or memory card capable of storing video files
  • Windows XP or higher
  • Windows Media Player 11

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