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How to Deal a Deck Of Cards

Intimidate other players by showing them you know the deal.


  • Step 1: Shuffle cards Shuffle cards a minimum of four times. Ask the player to your right to cut the deck. Replace the bottom stock onto the top stock.
  • Step 2: Hold cards Hold the deck in your left hand. Place your thumb on top of the deck and other fingers along the side of the deck.
  • Step 3: Slide out the cards Push the top card with your left thumb. Take it between your right thumb and first finger. Use the tips of your left fingers to guide the cards and ensure that you are dealing only one card at a time.
  • Step 4: Deal the cards Deal the first card to the person on your left. Toss the card face down across the table to the player.
  • TIP: You may also lay the card on the table and slide it to the player.
  • Step 5: Continue dealing Continue dealing cards to players in a clockwise direction. If you are included, deal yourself last.
  • Step 6: Stop dealing Stop dealing when each player has the correct amount of cards. Square the deck and set the remaining stock in a location appropriate to the game.
  • FACT: Card playing began in the 10th century with the Chinese use of paper dominoes.

You Will Need

  • A standard deck of cards

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