How To Make a Boutonniere

When you need an eye-catching boutonniere for a special occasion, you don't have to spend a fortune at the florist. Make your own!

You will need

  • A small flower
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • One bunch baby's breath
  • One piece floral greenery
  • Green flower tape
  • 1/4-inch silk or satin ribbon
  • A small
  • clear plastic box

Step 1 Pick your flower Choose a small flower as the centerpiece of your boutonniere; carnations or roses are often used. If you’d like, pick a color that matches your date’s dress or the theme of the event. You can also use artificial flowers.

Step 2 Prepare the flower Cut the stem of the flower with the scissors until it is 3 inches long. Remove the leaves and set them aside.

Step 3 Prepare the flower accents Use a small bunch of baby’s breath and greenery to accentuate the flower; lay the baby’s breath on top of the greenery. Keep these pieces slightly longer than the flower.

Step 4 Wrap the stems Use green floral tape to wrap the flower tightly with the baby’s breath and greenery.

Step 5 Tie the bow Use the silk or satin ribbon in a complementary color to hide the floral tape and tie a pretty bow.

Step 6 Store the flower in a special case Place the flower gently in a clear plastic case and leave in the refrigerator until the event. This will help keep it fresh until the big event.