How to Avoid First Date Blunders

Before you go out on that first date with what might be the most amazing person you’ve ever met, make sure it won’t be the last!

You will need

  • A good attitude
  • Confidence
  • Consideration
  • Respect
  • A sense of humor

Step 1 Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you think your date will like.

Step 2 Make a good first impression. This includes cleanliness, confidence, and consideration. And be on time!

Step 3 Respect your date. Listen and be courteous. Your conversation shouldn’t be a monologue or an interview.

Step 4 Keep the mood light and fun. On a first date, no one wants to hear about past relationships and problems.

Step 5 Enjoy the moment. Appreciate the person you’re with, share some laughter – and breathe!