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How to Lift a Heavy Object

Save yourself back pain and injury by learning the correct way to pick up heavy objects.


  • : If you have a history of back problems, consider asking someone else to lift a heavy object to prevent possible injury.
  • Step 1: Study the object Study the object to be moved and check for handles and whether the object is liquid or solid – liquid can shift weight while being lifted.
  • Step 2: Test weight of object Stand close to the object and lift one corner, if possible. Determine whether you will be able to lift it without assistance.
  • TIP: Help for lifting might include one or two others or mechanical assistance, such as a dolly or lift.
  • Step 3: Position yourself Stand close to the object. Bend your knees and grab the object where you have good handholds.
  • TIP: Keep a straight back and spread your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Step 4: Lift Lift slowly with your legs and arms, keeping your back straight and your torso close to the object. Use your abdominal muscles.
  • Step 5: Finish Carefully lower the object, following the same precautions. You're done – and your back thanks you for sparing it pain and injury.
  • FACT: Each year, back problems cost Americans $15 billion.

You Will Need

  • Common sense
  • Good posture
  • People to help
  • A dolly or mechanical lift

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