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How to Relieve Nausea with Acupressure

Stop that horrible sensation with a form of traditional Chinese medicine known as acupressure.


  • : If you feel pain when using acupressure, stop immediately. Pregnant women should not use acupressure.
  • Step 1: Press near your wrist Take one of your thumbs and press it on the inside of the opposite wrist, between the two large tendons, about three-quarters of an inch below the point where your inner wrist meets your hand. This targets acupressure point PC 6, also known as Nei Guan, which affects nausea.
  • TIP: You can also press this point to relieve motion sickness.
  • Step 2: Keep the pressure on Keep the pressure on for about a minute, and then move your thumb up to where your wrist meets your palm and press for another few seconds.
  • Step 3: Get a band Find wristbands that press on the anti-nausea pressure point online or in some pharmacies. It's a hands-free way of achieving the same results.
  • FACT: Several studies have debunked the myth that women who have severe morning sickness more often give birth to girls.

You Will Need

  • Two hands
  • Acupressure wristband

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