How to Play Othello or Reversi

Othello, also known as Reversi, is played with two players, each representing a color on the board. The rules are simple, but strategy is what will help you win.

You will need

  • An Othello board
  • 64 reversible discs

Step 1 Set up the board Place two black and two white discs in the board’s four center squares, with corresponding colors diagonal to each other.

Step 2 Choose a color Choose a color for each player. Black goes first.

Step 3 Begin play Place a black disc in a square adjacent to a white disc so that a black disc is on either side of a white disc. When a white disc is surrounded, the black player flips the white disc to the black side.

Step 4 Next player Move on to the next player. The white player places a disc in a square adjacent to a black disc so that there are white discs on either side of black ones. Flip the black discs to the white side.

Step 5 Take turns Take turns playing the game until all of the discs are on the board. If you cannot place a disc on the board so that your color is on either side of another player, you lose your turn.

Step 6 Continue play Continue playing until every space on the board is occupied or no one can make another move. The player who has the most discs on the board wins.