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How to Find a Rabbit Veterinarian

It wasn’t always the case, but these days many vets can care for rabbits and other small creatures—which is lucky for us and our bunny buds!


  • Step 1: Ask around Of course the simplest way to find a vet who treats rabbits is to ask around. Possible sources of information are rabbit breeders, rescuers, and owners; pet stores; and other veterinarians.
  • Step 2: Ask about spaying Make sure a potential rabbit vet is comfortable with spaying or neutering your bunny.
  • Step 3: Ask about syringe-feeding Ask the vet if he or she can syringe-feed a colicky bunny—and show you how to do it if necessary.
  • TIP: A rabbit vet should be able to help you locate high-quality feed hay—timothy, not alfalfa—and timothy-based rabbit pellets.
  • Step 4: Ask about bunny buddies If a bunny needs to board at the vet for certain procedures, it will often recover faster with a companion. If you own more than one rabbit, ask the vet if he or she will board a 'bunny buddy,' too.
  • Step 5: Ask about dental care Since many rabbits develop dental problems, make sure the vet knows how to provide basic bunny dental care.
  • Step 6: Spread the word Found someone good? Then take your rabbit in for annual checkups—and pass the word along to other rabbit owners!
  • FACT: Providing plenty of timothy or other high-quality, low-calcium hay is the best way to keep your bunny’s teeth from growing too long.

You Will Need

  • A list of questions to ask potential bunny vets
  • And the ability to sniff out the right choice

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