How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for You

Bringing a pet into your household is an important decision. Consider these factors when choosing a breed.

You will need

  • Time for thought and discussion

Step 1 Assess your situation Assess your situation. Do you have children? Do you own or rent? How big are your living quarters? How much time and money can you devote to a dog?

Step 2 Consider dog size Consider the size of dog you prefer. Large breeds need more exercise, more food, and more space. Small dogs may require protection in cold weather.

Step 3 Consider temperament Consider the breed temperament. Do you want a mellow dog or a watchdog? Do you need a dog that does well with children?

Step 4 Consider gender Decide whether you want a male or a female dog. The choice is important if you want to breed your dog, but there’s little difference in temperament between genders.

Step 5 Consider health care Consider health care needs. Certain breeds require more attention. Breeds with long coats or with respiratory challenges, for example, require more care.

Step 6 Do research Do some research to find the breed that best matches your needs. A good place to start is the American Kennel Club, at

Step 7 Choose your dog Buy from a reputable breeder, and get a certified pedigree if you purchase a purebred. Or adopt a purebred or mixed-breed dog from an animal shelter – many of these animals need loving homes. Even mutts may retain breed characteristics from their ancestry, and they’re often hardier than purebreds.

Step 8 Enjoy Enjoy your new companion! There’s a good reason dogs are called our best friends.