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How to Trick Men into Thinking You’re Years Younger

“You’re as young as you feel” is a cute saying, but let’s be honest—you’re as young as you look. Here’s how to shave off a few years.


  • Step 1: Smell like a grapefruit Smell like a grapefruit. A study at Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that women wearing the scent were perceived to be an average of six years younger than their actual age.
  • Step 2: Get an iPod Get an iPod and load it up with current hits. Avoid playing any songs that’ll hint at your real age—or at least hide those golden oldies in a separate playlist that you can enjoy when you’re alone.
  • Step 3: Pimp your phone Pimp your phone. Young people are very into their cell phones, so pick up the latest model, personalize it with a signature color, and choose a ringtone that won’t have him asking, 'Who? The Who? Who’s that?'
  • Step 4: “Stage” your home Stage your home with items a younger woman would have—a concert T-shirt from a hip band, acne medication, the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.
  • Step 5: Be well-lit Everyone looks younger in soft light—so choose candlelit restaurants, add dimmers to all your home lights, and get heavy bedroom curtains to keep out harsh morning rays.
  • Step 6: Learn to text Texting is big with the younger crowd, so learn how to send and receive text messages. You don’t want to ask him what the hell he’s talking about when the subject comes up.
  • Step 7: Have more sex Have more sex – even if it’s just with yourself. A study at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital found that people in their 40s who had one or two orgasms a week looked a full 10 years younger than those who didn’t.
  • Step 8: Get an instant-message account Get an instant-message account and learn the latest 'netiquette' and abbreviations. Keep your status as 'available' whenever you’re online; most young people like to IM more than they like to use the phone.
  • Step 9: Join a gym Get a gym membership – and not just so you lose weight, feel great and get a toned, more youthful body. Seeing the card in your wallet (make sure men do!) subconsciously signals that you are a young, vibrant person.
  • TIP: While you want him to see your gym card, other IDs in your wallet – like your driver’s license – should be hidden away so he won’t stumble across your real age!
  • Step 10: Stand up straight Stand up straight; surveys show that good posture makes you look not only younger, but thinner and taller, too.
  • FACT: About one-third of women think they look ten years younger than they actually are.

You Will Need

  • Pink-grapefruit lotion or perfume
  • An iPod
  • The latest cell phone
  • Tampons
  • Candles
  • An instant-message account
  • A gym membership
  • Good posture

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