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How to Set Up a Slackline

Official contest entry in Howcast's How-To Video Challenge by Morgan Crossley.


  • Step 1: Clip your carabiner Clip a carabiner to an overhead knot on a bite. Wrap this around the first tree and clip your carabiner. Feed the line out to the second tree.
  • Step 2: Wrap a sling Wrap a sling around the second tree. Clip the sling together with two carabiners.
  • Step 3: Tie a clove hitch Tie a clove hitch and clip in the last two carabiners.
  • Step 4: Thread the line Thread the line between the carabiners top to top and bottom to bottom. This creates a simple pulley system that we use to help tighten the line.
  • Step 5: Tension the line Tension the line with at least one more person.
  • Step 6: Tie two half hitches Finish by tying two or more half hitches.
  • Step 7: Start walking Step up and start walking! When first starting, it helps to hold onto someone.
  • TIP: Looking at something stationary helps with balance.
  • Step 8: Try walking backwards When you get better, you can start walking backwards. You can jump onto the line and you can jump on a line. No matter what you do, keep practicing and have fun.

You Will Need

  • 2.0 Two trees or solid anchor points about 20 ft. apart from each other
  • 40.0 ft 40 ft. 1u201d tubular climbing webbing
  • 5.0 5 carabiners
  • 2.0 1 or 2 sewn slings
  • A basic knowledge of knots that you can learn on the internet
  • 1.0 A friend or helper

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