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How to Make Paper

Whether you’re a back-to-basics type, a thrifty eco-warrior, or an elementary school teacher, this simple recipe for recycled paper will meet your needs.


  • Step 1: Soak the paper Tear the scrap paper into pieces and soak in a bucket of warm water for 30 to 45 minutes.
  • TIP: Do not use glossy, coated paper.
  • Step 2: Grind the paper Take the paper from the bucket and grind it in the blender until it takes on a mushy, porridge-like consistency.
  • TIP: Blend 1 cup of paper at a time to avoid overworking your blender.
  • Step 3: Cut and insert screen Cut the screen to fit the pan. Overlap the sides for easy removal later. Put the screen in the pan.
  • Step 4: Add water Add an inch of water to the pan.
  • Step 5: Add mush Spread the paper mush evenly over the screen in the pan, one-eighth inch deep.
  • Step 6: Drain water Lift the edges of the screen, pulling the mush out of the water. Allow the water to drain.
  • Step 7: Prepare to iron Place the screen on a dishtowel. Fold the towel over the mush mixture.
  • Step 8: Iron the mush Iron over the dish cloth with your iron on high. This presses the water from the mush and makes for faster dry time.
  • Step 9: Allow 24 hours to dry After 24 hours, your paper is ready!
  • FACT: A single piece of paper can be recycled five to seven times.

You Will Need

  • Scrap paper
  • A bucket
  • A blender
  • Scissors
  • A window screen
  • A 4-inch deep pan
  • An iron
  • Dishtowels

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