How to Lose Your Virginity

You're going to remember this for the rest of your life, so make sure it's memorable for the right reasons.

You will need

  • A willing partner
  • A comfortable place
  • A plan
  • Some towels
  • Some lubricants
  • A little self-restraint

Step 1 Choose a partner Pick the appropriate person to be your partner—you don’t want to surrender your precious gift to the first “playa” who smiles your way.

Step 2 Pick a location Pick a location that will be comfortable and secure for both of you, then make sure it’s presentable—nobody likes a skanky love shack.

Step 3 Make yourself presentable Make yourself presentable too—nobody likes a skanky lover, either.

Step 4 Wear convenient clothes Wear clothes that come off easily. Once you get the green light, you don’t want anything slowing you down.

Step 5 Get birth control & condoms Get your birth control in order—make sure you have fresh condoms on hand and anything else you may need.

Step 6 Set the mood Set the mood—a little atmosphere goes a long way.

Step 7 Welcome partner warmly Welcome your partner warmly; make sure they know they’re the most important person in the world to you.

Step 8 Pick your moment Wait until everything’s going smoothly and the two of you are really clicking then make your move.

Step 9 Take it on home Now go get ’em, Tiger—it’s smooth sailing from here on out.