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How to Date Multiple Women

Depending on your juggling skills, it can be a dream come true or your worst nightmare.


  • Step 1: Date online Consider joining a popular online dating service. It's the easiest way to meet thousands of available women.
  • Step 2: Weed out prospects Unless you're a sadist, weed out the ones who make it clear they're looking for a serious relationship.
  • Step 3: Avoid friends Scrupulously avoid dating women who might know each other. Otherwise, expect a posse of angry women on your doorstep—with knives.
  • TIP: Keep things separate—don't bring different dates to the same restaurants and clubs. That's just asking for trouble.
  • Step 4: Appear busy Make it clear from the beginning that your free time is limited. Make vague references to 60-hour workweeks and frequent business trips so they won't know the real reason—you need to make time for the other gals.
  • Step 5: Be organized Keeping track of multiple dates and multiple women can be confusing—be vigilant about staying organized, or you could easily betray yourself.
  • TIP: If you have two dates in the same night, allow yourself some time in between to check for telltale signs: lipstick, stray hairs, women's perfume.
  • Step 6: Act like a sailor Make like a sailor and have women in different ports of call. If you travel a lot for work or often vacation in the same place, you'll always have a date when you're in town.
  • TIP: Program your dates' names into your phone using male codenames—Sam for Samantha, Jack for Jill— so that the one you're with isn't suspicious when you're receiving calls and texts.
  • Step 7: Don't fake it Don't pretend to feel what you're not feeling. You might not advertise the fact that she's not the only one, but don't lie and tell her that she is.
  • Step 8: Be safe Practice safe sex, for obvious reasons. And if you know—or strongly suspect—that a date wouldn't sleep with you if she knew you had multiple partners, don't exploit her trust. Even if you never gave her a reason to trust you in the first place.
  • FACT: There are an estimated 25,000 to 35,000 polygamous marriages in the U.S.

You Will Need

  • Access to women
  • Organizational skills
  • And a silver tongue
  • Membership in an online dating service (optional)

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